I'm Jess. It's great to meet you! 

I'm a Montreal-based food blogger, content creator, photographer and online educator with a passion for helping creatives find their voice and pursue a career in blogging. I've been blogging full-time for over 3 years and make multiple six-figures a year through my blog and on social media. I'm ready to show you how. 

It all started with a life-changing trip to India...

Let me rewind a sec. I was always a creative and active kid. I'd spend my summers up-north at my family's cottage on a lake doing arts and crafts, making bracelets, colouring, painting, oh, and of course making mud-soups (aka putting sand, flowers, and twigs in a bucket of lake water) down by the lake. 

But then I grew up, and adulthood told me I had get a conventional 9-5 job. I graduated with a marketing degree so naturally I found myself working a corporate job as a marketing coordinator. I did enjoy some aspects of marketing, (it is rather creative after all) but the little mud-soup making girl inside of me felt confined waking up and doing the same thing everyday working for a company I didn't feel connected to in any way. 

Around that time I had become super into yoga. I practiced several times a week and starting daydreaming about one idea: how cool would it be to get my yoga insutrcrors certification?! Maybe even teach classes? Maybe even do the certification...abroad somewhere?! 

It was just an idea in my mind at that point. After all, it would be totally irresponsible to quit my job and take off for a month to practice yoga...that is until a couple weeks later when I got laid-off work because the company I was working for went out of business. 

A month later, I was on a plane to Rishikesh India to live on an ashram in the mountains and study Yoga and Aryuveda. There I fell in love with the idea of nourishing my body with wholesome and healthy food and living a wellness lifestyle. So I started a blog, Choosing Chia to share my passion with others. 

Flash forward to today and I'm a full-time blogger, online educator, and content creator reaching  over a million people each month through my blog and social media. 


My mission to help bloggers and creatives pursue their passion while growing and becoming profitable online.

Get to know the real me

Most days you can find me… In the kitchen testing out different recipes or working from my home office in my sweatpants (I've fully embraced the work from home lifestyle with my growing collection of sweats and yoga pants.)

I love sharing… healthy and delicious recipes! Blogging and social media tips! Photography tips! Oh, and let's not forget MANY photos of my Shiba Inu pup Eevie:) 

My favourite quote is… “You can have your excuses or you can have your success. You can’t have both.”

When I’m not busy blogging, you can catch me… Working on my yoga practice, Spending time up north in the mountains, going out for brunch (gimme all the avo toast pls and thank you.), and probably buying new plants.

My personality type is....an INFJ (Myers Briggs) and a type 4-3 (Eneagram) 

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